Scottish Notion Meetup

Scottish Notion Meetup

November 16, 2021
Organized by

Sally Lloryd and Courtney Malek


1:00 PM – 1:45 PM AST

Type of event

This month we're joined by Courteney Malek!

Courteney is an Operations & Special Projects Manager at a real estate investment startup in Toronto, Canada. She has previously worked in other startups, including a digital creative firm, and museums. Passionate about all things related to organization, productivity, and efficiency; she takes pride in her ability to see the big picture, and to take the steps needed in order to make that picture a reality (Hint: Notion helps a lot). Courteney spends her free time watching movies (like, a lot of movies), reading, going for long walks, and designing houses on The Sims.

Please note the different time - due to Courteney's time difference!

The Scottish Notion Meetup is for:

  • People who use Notion at work, eg for operations, collaboration, scheduling.
  • People who use Notion at home, eg for recipes, wedding planning, personal development, blogs.
  • People who have never used Notion before but are curious about how it works.

Any questions, give a shout.

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